EPICHEM SA is a trading and distribution company founded in 2009 by Sergio Padova.

An emblematic figure amongst traders of primary materials in the rubber sector, Sergio Padova began his career with Francescato srl in 1970 and now, with more than 50 years of experience, he is one of the sectors great experts. EPICHEM began as solely a trading company, but through years of partnerships with companies in Asia and the USA, it has been able to increase its competitiveness and offering in both the international and European market. 

Today EPICHEM collaborates with a range of global producers of synthetic rubber and thermoplastic elastomers and has the ability to obtain stock, also upon client request, directly from the source. This guarantees a streamlined, easy and economical brokerage. 

Today EPICHEM distributes products of the highest quality, as well as near prime and off-grade and through its suppliers can always provide the best solutions for its clients.

Our Team

Sergio Padova


Claudio Fabbri

Warehouse Chief

Kaypi & Kaysi

Pet Office Assistants

Katia Pillepich

Vice President and COO

Margot Giambusso

Logistics Manager

Mia - Vicky - Pollen

External consultants for rubber bones

Giovanni Ravasio

Sales Director

Silvia Marchesi

Logistics Officer


Marketing manager for rubber bones

Federico Mancinelli

Marketing Director

Dr. Kay

Chief Pet Officer